Music plying the waters between deep ambient introspective journeying and glowing emotional atmospheres.

Sonic landscapes existing on the borderland between the known and the non-ordinary.

David P. Crews

An award-winning composer and recording artist, creates soundworlds from Austin, Texas. JaguarFeather Studios takes its name from a shamanic vision inspiring his first album, Cave of the Jaguar, a deep journey into non-ordinary realms.

David has been in television and radio broadcasting for over 45 years, recently as a long-time on-air host for Austin’s Classical station, KMFA. He also owns CrewsCreative, a video editing and post-production studio.

He has garnered several awards for his music and scoring, including the Moondance International Film Festival's "Calypso" Award in 2006 and a finalist for scoring in 2019, two Silver Telly Awards, and a Communicator Award. He is a published author, award-winning television director, animator, and digital and traditional artist.

David has traveled twice to the Upper Amazon in Peru to work with traditional medicine people and the powerful whole-plant spirit medicine called ayahuasca, as well as companion work with huachuma, the spirit cactus. His interest in shamanism has led to musical expressions, visionary artwork, a blog on esoteric subjects, and continued research and exploration into the most ancient spirit/religious techniques of humanity.